Sunday, February 2, 2014

~~Hey, Hey, Hey!--Life Post~~

Hello, my beautiful darlings!

Have I mentioned lately I stiiiillllll have no idea why I call you people that?

But, I've always called my lovely readers a variety of nicknames...

Well, as you can tell, there's a lot of things happening here! I've been posting chapters of For Love of Minecraftia--going back on my vow to never post the god-awful thing. But now it is here, and now it will be here to stay.

As you can imagine, the fact that it is here means I HAVE NO HOPE FOR THE STORY. It has been declared 'unworthy of being edited, and unworthy of being treated as valuable'. So, uh, it kinda sucks....So I'm sorry about that one....

Um, in other news!

I'm going to be adding HER here, and I will end up finishing it, I swear!

So, expect A LOT of HER and For Love of Minecraftia to be posted today, as well as your usual mix of I'm-in-class-bored-so-here's-a-poem mess.

As can be expected of me, I'll be linking them all on The Bookshelf tab, so you can have an easier time reading them.

Oh, and in case you've missed the news panel, feel free to like me on Facebook. I will post teaser content, previews, and some Mansion updates--written by the Mansion members themselves. So, if you don't want to miss Mansion content (as it doesn't often appear here), I'd drop a like there. And, there will also be some of my drawings appearing there BEFORE they hit here. *Yes, I AM going to get some of them scanned and uploaded. The too-big-to-scan ones will be carefully photographed.*

Oh, one MORE thing! I'll be adding on to my Playlist, Reading List, and Anime List tab as well. So, have fun with it.

Am I going to be updating anything else today?

MAYBE the Mansion Images tab.....

Well, I'll also be needing to update my SUMMARY OF ME page, which has been taken down until it reaches its completion. That doesn't mean it will actually be updated. I know it really should be updated, but....I don't feel like it just yet.

So, what has been going on OUTSIDE of my blog?

Well, I've been living. I did well enough on my exams, and I'm beginning Semester Two of Grade Eleven. I've been working VERY hard on destroying my Reddit addiction, but now it has evolved into an e-book addiction as well as a webcomic addiction. This isn't working!

Now, if only I could get an addiction to working out....And eating healthier....

Then I could lose weight. Which I really want to. But I'm lazy.

Anyways, relationship-wise....I've been fine.

I broke up with a real-life boyfriend because he was my age, and he was vastly immature. I found him extremely young, foolish, and annoying. And so we broke up.

I also broke up with a lovely man. Simply because there..was no way it could work. If you're reading this, you know who you are. I'm sorry.

Naturally, that doesn't mean I'm exactly SINGLE. No, I'm currently with Shawn--who has been my closest friend for years, and who I love deeply. He is a very good man, but he has some issues in his life, and so I'm fighting to help him. I know I myself am 'damaged goods', and so I don't mind assisting another member of the walking wounded. He and I haven't met in person yet, but I desperately want to. We began dating on Christmas Day (ironically, the same day that would have been Ian's and my one year. I miss Ian. I wish things...hadn't happened this way) and we work together well. Unfortunately, we haven't met in person yet, but.....I really want to try....

Meanwhile, there are some friends who may-be-more-than-friends. I enjoy the company of Austin and Matt, but I don't think I could ever consider dating them. Well, if situations were different....

I love my men-folk. I love my half-mad assortment of darlings who look after me and help me. Who find me adorable and fun. I love them. I love being around them. I love laughing with them. I love how they make me feel.

I'm going to be just fine.

Believe in me, little blog. Believe in me, readers of my words.

Believe in me!

Now, to start posting more stories....

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