Thursday, February 13, 2014


I wish for joy.
I wish for love.
I wish for
A better life:

I see so many
People failing.
I see so many
People falling.

The world is dark.
I wish for light.
The world is alone.
I wish for company.

There are so many things
We need to help with.
Please, my loves:
Help me out.

Wish with me.
Wish for a happier life.
Wish for a better world.

Wish for a place
I can bring children into.
Wish for a world
I can have faith in.

Wish for a god
That shows us He cares.
Wish for a way
Out of this hell.

Wish for a love.
Wish for a light.
Wish for a soul.
Wish for a smile.

Love me.
Love the world.
Love all of us.
Love yourselves.

Wish for me
To be better.
Wish for me
To grow.

Wish for my days
To be well.
Wish for me
To remain.

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