Tuesday, February 11, 2014

~~I'm Fine~~

No regrets.
No urges.
No tears.
No madness.

I'm fine--
I mean it this time.
I swear
I'm fine.

I can smile again.
I can laugh again.
I can feel my heart beat.
I can feel my heart beat....

I'm fine, so please
Understand why:
It's because
You stood by me.

Without you near,
I wouldn't be here:
I'd have turned and ran,
Or leapt.

I would have given
Up on this world,
If it wasn't for the silent
Watchers who stayed.

I can breathe....
I can laugh....
I can sing....
I can write...

I love you,
My readers.
I love you,
My saviors.

It's thanks
To you


  1. Hey Alex,

    You dropped by first and that confirms what you say in your poem, you are fine and I am glad for you. A quote I designed for myself is this "Life sure gives us tough lessons, but I refuse to sit down and take notes. No I learn while walking and will just keep walking"

    1. I really like that quote! It definitely suits me, and will probably help. Thank you for sharing it :)


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