Tuesday, February 25, 2014

~~I'm Plural~~

A thousand voices slipping through my mind
Couldn't even match the din I hear.
Ten voices whispering through my soul--
Ten pieces of what should be whole.

Why were they made?
Why am I lost in the shade?
Memory skips years at a time--
My mood swings on a dime.

I'm losing moments bit by bit.
I can barely hear, so scream a bit.
I'm losing myself in the din of others,
And it's making me shudder.

I'm losing the control i once had.
A Madness to test and to make me glad.
Glad I can beat her,
And that I've kept it together.

So what if it's real?
So what if it's fake?
It doesn't matter tonight.
All I can do is feel.

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