Tuesday, February 4, 2014

~~You Know it's Alright~~

I know it wasn't meant to last.
I know it wasn't right.
But you know....
I wish it was.
I really wish it was.
So many dreams we had....
So many little plans!
Money tucked away
For a summer trip;
Packages and parcels;
Sunshine and smiles.
So much I would have given
Just to get
A single hug from you.
So much I would have traded
For something not as jaded
As the heart I keep inside.
You know it's alright, though....
You know it's fine.
It's quite alright...
It's alright that it didn't stay.
It's alright we broke our promises.
It's alright I can't
Stay with you anymore.
It's alright that you're gone.
It's alright I'm going.
It's alright I don't love you
I just wish
That it hadn't
Turned out this way....
I just wish I could
Forgive you....
Forgive me.
Forgive me for saying
It's alright....

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