Friday, February 7, 2014

~~Adjustments--Life and Notification Post~~

As you may have noticed, this week has been for this little blog. At least, the past few days.

Be kind to me--I am very sorry for not posting the SIDELINES STORY like I was supposed to, and thus, I shall add on some BONUS CHAPTERS OF A BONUS STORY to make up for it!

I was originally planning to keep this back, but I think that I will post-pone the SIDELINES stories until I can get myself into their rhythm--and use this older to give you guys something to read while I write.

Thank god for having about eight novels (and a lot more short stories) available to post!

This little story is something I am deeply affectionate about, and have often thought of going back to writing. And, so, I'm going to force myself to finish it by POSTING IT ON MY BLOG.

Like HER, it has plenty of chapters completed, so I will be able to buy myself plenty of time before needing to actually write it. I'll be able to get ahead easily enough. I'm not sure how many chapters it actually has, and that's because it's a series of separate "books" (each not much over 20 pages) I split up into chapters. I think I got to book three or four, before ending it.

So, yes, this is a HUGE amount shorter than everything else I've been posting.

Am I apologizing for that? Not really....

You guys have GOT to have noticed how freaking long the home page is! O.o

So, this should bring a bit more brevity to the peace.

Now, you are likely wondering why I wasn't well yesterday.

It's only the first week of the semester--how bad could it possibly be already?!

Answer: I'm a lonely bunny.

I don't have many friends, ergo I don't have many classes with friends in them. It's going to be a long semester, my darlings....Especially because some of my teachers don't actually realize I exist. So, please, don't make me feel alone....

However, I'm going to use the loneliness as an excuse to write my buttbutt off and focus on my grades.

I shall be HAPPY.

I shall be PROLIFIC.

I shall BE A WRITER.


I shall SUCCEED.

Because I'm too lonely to do anything but.

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