Tuesday, February 11, 2014

~~On Editing--Life Post~~

As has come very clear to most of you as more and more of my writings hit the web, editing and I are not friends. I'm not good at editing. It gives me a headache. It bothers me. I don't even want to bother doing it unless I feel the raw work is good enough to try.

....Hence why I never edited For Love of Minecraftia....

Okay, how much would you guys hate me if I went back and edited my novels? And then refused to make them available online for free? And make you buy the new versions? Which just happen to have bonus chapters? And bonus content? And covers? And all plot holes filled? And forewords from the author? And shout-outs to every follower currently on my blog? And even never-before-seen excerpts of coming works?

I would hate me.

But I would love me.

Which is exactly how I feel about everyone I know.


So, I'm also going to ask for some help on editing every novel I plan on publishing. It all depends on how well my writing goes....Which means ignoring this post might be a good plan! But I want to give you guys some hope of having semi-decent writing from me!

Oh, I might actually edit For Love of Minecraftia.

There might be tentacle porn.

If there is tentacle porn, there will be a tentacle porn disclaimer.

Because it is Slenderman.

And he is in love.

With a young girl.

Therefore, tentacle porn.



....That was weird.

But not as weird as all of Rule 34.

Which includes tentacle porn.

I'm...I'm thinking too much about tentacle porn.

I'm going to end this here before it ha--TENTAAAAAACLEEEEE POOOOORRRRRN!




I'm done now.


--Half-Mad Writer

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