Wednesday, February 26, 2014

~~I Don't Do Happy Poems~~

I don't try for the cheerful, inane, and meaningless.
I don't try for the profound celebration of a faked grin.
I don't try for the attempted meaning behind a laugh--
I show what I feel, and not what you want me to feel.

I show the 'attempted suicide'.
I show the 'shattered mind'.
I show the 'draining away'.
I show the 'undone reality'.

I don't do happy poems, and you don't want me to.
You want me to celebrate the insanity,
And that's what I will do for you.
I will show you whatever you want to see.

I'll never hide myself, as long as you stay mine.
I'll tell you my broken story through chapped lips,
And let stiffened fingers dance upon your eyes.
I'll make marks, night-black, upon snowy screens.

I'll show you everything I should never hide.
I'll always show you my empty world.
I'll make you believe you are mine.
I will be your broken little girl.

Just never expect what i'll never give to you.
Never expect the good side, the silver lining:
I don't share my celebrations and meaningless motivations
With the likes of strangers like you.

I don't do happy poems.
I don't do faked joy.
I don't reveal my dreams--
I just show my nightmares.

My broken girlish laugh
Will be all you ever hear.
I'll be your twisted dancer
Upon the computer screen.

Let me whisper in your ear:
I'll tell you what you can't hear.
I'll tell you every little secret,
And make you wish you didn't know.

I don't do happy poems.
I do celebrations of my sickness:
I dance in the starlight,
Whispering farewells to your light.

I don't do happy poems.
I do the good and the true.
I'll whisper every little secret,
So you know you're better off than me!

I'll help you, if I can.
I'll write every word to find the one that's true.
I don't do happy poems--
I do the ones you need to read.

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