Wednesday, February 26, 2014

~~Survivable Dissonance~~

Undo my belief system, good sir.
Poke holes in the reality I force upon the sun.
Allow in the light, and see what remains
After you've walked right through the sealed door.

You tear open the curtains, to find a brick wall.
You don't seem to realize that you're the only one.
I'm standing here, still completely still.
You don't realize I'm a dying statue.

I'm a shattered little angel,
Shivering in the freezing cold air--
You let in the chill when you broke me.
You ended my world when you opened my door.

I'll survive, just as I always have, locked in my cell.
I'll dance, just as I always have, deaf in the din.
I'll love, just as I always have, sealed behind my wall.
You won't survive the dissonance as I leave you behind.

You always try to watch me as I leave you behind.
You always try to believe me as I say I love you.
I won't survive the dissonance as you break down
The diamond wall, and let in my shattered soul.

You slipped into my broken reality.
You tried to get into my heart.
You pretended like I was broken.
You said you'd put me back together.

I've always been whole.
I've always been real.
I've never been alone.
I've never been hurt.

I never survived the dissonance.
I never survived at all.
I never pretended I was less--
I always pretended I am more.

How else could I have lived
Through every little pain?
I could only have lived
If I was dead the whole time....

I am whole, and wholly wrong.
I am wrong, and entirely right.
I can survive the dissonance
As you force me into the light.

Forgive me for my sins.
I'll protect you from the din.
I'll keep you safe
As you let in the light....

I don't understand love, and I don't think I ever did.
But I can try for you. Will you try for me?
I don't understand how you can hear me scream
Over the sound of reality breaking through to me....

I'm sliding beyond the diamond wall.
Will this be the last time I lie and fall?
Will this be the last time I cry out for you?
Will I survive the dissonance?

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