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~~FLOM: Chapter Fourteen--Gentlemen Aren't Nice~~

I looked around me, seeing nothing. The stone room where I stood was not of my creation, nor did I remember telling anyone to create such a stale and empty room. Besides, what was that weird….


It was a soft brown color spotted with bright, bright yellow and almost-white. It was a beautiful sight, to see a light so bright….

I smiled softly, and walked towards the stone. There was a single block of it in each and every corner of the room, simply sitting on the floor like they had always been there. Oh god, I had never seen it before….I fell to my knees beside the gentle glow, and smiled. Before I knew it, I was crying. What a beautiful thing….To feel so free, like you're flying….All because the darkness was gone and replaced with this glimmering, shining warmth…..Like a halo from an angel's head, I just knew glowstone would never stop it's gently bright glow.

I smiled to myself, closing my eyes now. I loved this place…..

For a while, I didn't care where I was. There was warmth to the glow, and so much caring….All the feelings my mother had never given me were here, in that simple stone.

Eventually, though, my stomach rumbling caused me to clamber to my feet once more, and begin to more seriously consider my plight.

It was impossible to tell really where I was—I couldn't make out any really discerning features around the room. spotting a door a few meters away from where I had spent a while curled up, I decided it was my best shot at getting out of here.

I went over to it, and opened it without issue. Just as I was walking forward, I ran into something: A solid black block.

It was obsidian. And obsidian cannot be broken by just punching at it repeatedly, which was the only thing I would be capable off unless I found a pickaxe through obscure and magical means.

Shaking my head, I looked around. There was a long hallway in both directions, and I could spy a lot more of these blocks in front of the doors lining it. Swallowing, I tentatively yelled, "Hello? I….I need some food."

There was, of course, no answer.

Okay, so this is the point where my patience decides it's time to quit and lets my natural Mitchie-ness take over. I climb up over the block, managing with more than a bit of difficulty to get out of my room and promptly fall flat on my face on the floor. Okay, ow. That was not one of the best plans I ever had….

Sighing, I climbed to my feet. I really didn't recognize this place—it went on forever and it never changed. Door with a block, three blocks of space, door with a block, three blocks of space….

Dear god it was incredibly depressing to stand here….And it especially didn't help that everything was made out of the same stone as in the rooms. Hell, the only interesting things in sight was the beautiful glowstone.

Biting my lip, I went to the first door to my right. I climbed on the block, and started punching the door until it broke and popped into a little rectangle block. Trembling and not knowing what to expect, I lay down on my belly and stared into the room.

Pedobear looked at me.


Faster than I could believe possible, I popped the door back in place and ran down the hall.

I was around halfway down the hall when a very familiar voice popped into my mind, saying softly, "Mitchie, I'm five rooms down from you. Please hurry! He's hurting me."

It was Slenderman's voice.

My eyes shooting wide, I burst into a sprint and came to the right room in only a few seconds. I leapt onto the block and pounded at the door, jumping in guns ablazing. Okay, I would have if I had guns, but you catch my drift reader.

Swearing, I looked around the room, in one of those cool Kung-Fu poses. You know, the one leg raised pose with your arms out in front of you. Of course, coming from a short girl in a hoodie and loose jeans, it looks more like I'm a flamingo on bath salts that found its way into a clothesline in a trailer park somewhere…..But, hey, it's the sound that counts right? Right?

Naturally, the white eyed demon that stood laughing across the room didn't seem to share the same thought. He just stared at the absurd human that had wandered into his domain and started to laugh uproariously. "So you did come here to save your demonic lover!"

It was Herobrine.


Of course.

It was him.

I facepalmed. At this point, what COULD I do but hit myself in the face with my hand? I had fallen right into his trap—just like he knew I would….

I couldn't stand this idiot any more.

I didn't even really know what he wanted. Other than, of course, my hand in marriage. Which I had full intentions of never giving him.

I did the best thing I could think of at the time: I gave the bastard a piece of my mind, held out both my hands in fists with the backs toward him, and shot him a dual middle finger salute.

I regretted it approximately two and a half seconds later, when I saw him pull something very, very casually out from beneath the bed: A piece of suit.

He did have my Slendy…..

It took me less than three seconds to flip the fuck out and jump at him. He had touched him! He had injured and taken from my Slenderman a part of his precious suit!

He would never, ever be forgiven for that….

Knowing I had no choice but to kill him at last, my hands went for his throat, feeling oddly glad he wasn't block shaped like he had been before. As my hands closed around his throat, I suddenly realized how cute he was and how soulful and sad his pure white eyes actually were. I had never realized it, but that snow whiteness was beautiful….

I let go of him. I couldn't bring myself to hurt someone that hot…..So very beautiful…..

Trembling, I lowered my head and practically begged, "Please, please forgive me…."

He nodded slowly and stood up, extending his hand to me. I took it. He used it to pull me close, and his other hand took my chin and angled my head up so he could claim my lips as his. Right before his lips met mine, I thought to myself: Finally…..

He tasted of smoke.

Normally, I hated the taste of smoke, but on his lips it was so much better than chocolate….I wanted more. I kissed him again and again, each kiss getting more insistent. Each moment getting more needful. After a few moments that felt like eternities of pure happiness, he broke the kiss with an echoing laugh, and said very simply, "You may have a lot more later, little one. First, you need to do something for me. It will not take a lot of work, just [omitted] blocks of [omitted]."

NOTE: Obviously, I think I'll not include the recipe for what follows. I don't want anything like this to ever happen again….Suffice to say, it's not entirely anything you're likely to guess on your own, so it's safe to include a little description after wards instead of just omitting a good deal of the following section of the story. And of course, Mitchie has been rather successfully brainwashed….Not like she had that much brains to wash in the beginning. END OF NOTE.

I nodded to him happily. "Of course I'll get those for you! Do you need anything else, my love?"

He nodded slowly. "Just a few drops of blood from a [omitted]."

"I can definitely get that for you. Where should I be able to find any of these things?"

"Just follow me. I'll show you everything you need to see."

I nodded happily, practically dancing by his side as he walks oh-so-casually over to the obsidian block and pulls out a diamond pickaxe. He hits the block a few times, and then it's gone, becoming nothing more than a shadow of its former size and shape. I stare at him in wonderment—diamond pickaxes were not at all easy to get. Diamond was so hard to find! I had never seen one in person before….

Biting my lip, I asked him shyly, "I've never seen one of those before…Can I look at it?"

He turned and looked over at me. "You want to see my pickaxe, Mitchie? You shouldn't—this one is in pretty rough shape and the one I have waiting to give to you so you can build for me is in much better shape than this one."

"You're giving me a diamond pickaxe?" I stared at him open mouthed. It was an unbelievable gift, better than even the gold locket James had given me!

I smiled so widely that he shook his head, as if expecting me to break my face in two before he just pulled me tightly into his chest for a hug. "You're so beautiful when you smile like that, Mitchie Rich….."

I shook my head. "Thank you so much!" I hugged him all the tighter, and he once again moved me so he could sink his lips into mine.

NOTE: Okayyyyyy…..Yes, spellcheck, yes I DID use four extra 'y's on the word 'okay'. Yes that was intentional. I just really needed to interject something here because this is getting all the more fucked up with every last thing that happens….Please, Herobrine, stop kissing her!!!!!! STOP KISSING HER NOW! END OF NOTE.

He kissed me for a very, very long time. When he finally broke the kiss, it was only to grin down at me and murmur very softly, "You are so cute, little one. Now, let's keeping going. I have a lot of things I need you to do—making this for me is only the start…."

I nodded to him. "Anything for you, my love!"

Shaking his head, Herobrine just kissed me once and pulled me down the hall with him. I have no idea how long we walked, but eventually we found ourselves outside a rather nice room. It was well furnished with plenty of bookshelves, and tables fashioned out of fence posts and pressure plates. It really was a nice setup they had. Smiling, I wandered into the room. Herobrine watched me with a smile on his face, clearly enjoying how I was reacting to his home.

"Is this what you wanted to show me, love?" I asked curiously after a few moments of wandering, "I can't find any of the things you said you needed though."

He walks up behind me and chuckles, sliding his arms around me. He kisses my neck and says quietly into my ear, "That's because you need to find my secret lair, little one."

I pouted, turning around so I could direct the full power of my puppy dog pout at him. He wasn't going to make this easy for me? Aw, okay….that was fine, I'd be able to find what he wanted me to.

Feeling a bit of my old resolve trickle in, I prepared to look.

I went to the closest path between bookshelves. I poked and prodded at everything I could think of, even fiddling with the books themselves, but I found nothing at all in them. And I was pretty sure I could hear him laughing softly to himself, somewhere in the stacks….

I decided it wasn't worth getting mad at him for laughing at me. I had to be pretty funny right now—some simple human girl who had fallen in love with him just a she was in the process of attempting to kill him….

That's when the reality of what was going on hit me like a ton of bricks.

I had been brainwashed.

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