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~~For Love of Minecraftia: Chapter Ten--Unexplained Happenings~~

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NOTE: Hey guys, this is the next part of the story. It doesn’t fit at all. I entered it into a binary translator. This is what I found: “Leave me alone get away from me. I can hear the screaming, I can hear it coming after me. It's right behind me, I know it's there. It reads what I'm writing--please, who ever finds this, come get me I need help!” I looked for a long time throughout the rest of the story, but I found no explanation for this text found at the ending of the previous part of the story. There was no address given about where the person who needs help is. This is the only bit of binary code found within the manuscript. It is something I can’t explain. Anyways, let’s move on to the next part of the story. Near as I can figure, it continues two weeks into the future, where the family now has found themselves back in their Slenderman-infested household. If I was them, I never would have went back there…..END OF NOTE.

Cloud’s leg is healing nicely. She’s moving around in my room a lot more, even though she’s taken to avoiding my closet now. For some reason she keeps waking me up late at night, hissing at it. I wonder if she has reason to?

Feeling like it’s better safe than sorry, I go downstairs and get some more salt from the kitchen. We were starting to run low—after salting all the entryways last week, we definitely needed to get some more supplies. Luckily, we had some more sage as well to burn, so I would be able to have double protection in my bedroom.

Taking the bag of salt, the large stem of sage, and a box of matches up to my room, I ran into my mom. The cut on her face was healing nicely. Her eye was also looking better as well.  I was proud of her for taking that punch from my dad when…when things went bad. I probably would have died if she hadn’t taken the blow, and gotten him to snap out of it when he realized he had hit his wife. She raised her eyebrows when she saw the supplies I was carrying, and how set my face was. “Something in your room going blurgh again and singing about tacos?”

“No, thank god. Just Cloud growling at my closet and avoiding it—I don’t feel like taking any chances.”

My mom nodded, before taking the bag of salt from me and weighing it in her hand. “We’re running low on this. What do you think, should I go buy more?”

I nodded. “And hurry. I think I heard something walking around in dad’s studio last night when I was working on a blueprint.”

My mom shrugged, handing me back the bag of salt. She pushed by me, heading down the stairs and out the front door. I shrugged, heading up the steps and continuing to my room. Once I got there, I said some prayers and carefully poured a perfectly straight line across my carpet, around the front and side of the closet. I looked up, into the mirror that covered the doors of my closet, and let out a scream.

There was something right behind me.

I whirled, reaching into the bag and being unable to stop myself from throwing a large handful of salt right at the creature. I automatically regretted it, because once my mind got over the shock, I recognized it as Slenderman. I bit my lip. “Sorry, Slendy…..I didn’t recognize you for a minute.”

His narrow shoulders shrugged, long arms tucking his hands into pockets. I smiled up at him, before going over and hugging him. He didn’t hug me back, knowing that doing so would activate his powers and cause him to kill me and eat my organs fried up so they looked like peanuts. I was very glad he didn’t hug me, even though his incredibly long arms and really impressive size could probably give me the best hug of my life.

I let him go, and I swear I saw him smile down at me, even though he had no mouth. I just knew he was smiling at me, no matter what. He really was a good guy—he’d proven that much when he’d saved me at the cost of one of his tentacles. If it hadn’t been for his noble sacrifice, the things that sang at night about tacos would have used ME in their next Mexican-style meal.

Knowing he was watching over me, I continued my salting and blessing of the room, as well as the rest of the closets on the rest of the upper floor. Of course, just as I was finishing my dad’s third closet, the salt ran out.

The closet left in my parents’ room was also the scariest one.

I just stared at it.

It had no working light inside it, and it was a walk-in closet, the door one of those sliding fronts. It was made of wooden slats, and I could practically feel something emanating from it. I turned around and looked up at Slendy, who also was “staring” very intently at the door. He went in front of me, and I hid behind him, not wanting to get hurt. If he could defend me once, he could defend me again….Right?

Slenderman’s tentacles sprouted, and he seemed to grow taller than his current seven feet, the top of his head ending barely below the ceiling of my parent’s room. His many tentacles elongated, growing longer than his arms, handless and ending in sharp points. I backed up a few feet—not wanting to accidentally be accidentally stabbed by his sharp tentacles like I had come close to last time. I winced when I saw how short one of his tentacles was. It was less than half its usual length—ending a weird solid black stump. I swallowed. It didn’t look like it would ever heal. Feeling sick, I wanted to hug him again, but stopped when I heard the slow creaking and scraping of the closet door opening.

L'uomo snello in piedi davanti a me, e ho potuto dire che stava cercando di essere coraggioso in modo da non avere paura. Qualcosa saltò dall'armadio, ma ero di nuovo troppo occupato inseguimento fuori dalla stanza per ottenere uno sguardo chiaro a questo. Ho smesso quando la mia schiena ha colpito la porta - Oh Dio, non se fosse stato aperto prima? L'uomo Snella si lasciò sfuggire un ruggito impressionante, attaccando qualunque cosa fosse saltato fuori che, i suoi tentacoli pugnalando in rapida successione. Un forte, urlo disumano è venuto da quello che stava combattendo, e improvvisamente si è fermato. L'uomo Snella annuì a se stesso, i suoi tentacoli grondante di un fluod strano nero che sembrava per tutto il mondo per essere vapore. Prese la cosa, e dopo un paio di rumori strani gorgoglio, si voltò verso di me. Non c'era traccia del aywhere cosa.

Note: And once again the found text is…odd. It’s written in Italian—the writer of it definitely used Google Translate on it. Here’s what Google Translate said, and then I’ll also include what I managed to make into better English: The slender man standing in front of me, and I could tell he was trying to be brave so do not be afraid. Something jumped from the closet, but I was too busy chasing new out of the room to get a clear look at it. I stopped when my back hit the door - Oh God, if it had been opened before? The Slender man let out a roar impressive, attacking whatever it turns out, its tentacles stabbing in rapid succession. A strong, inhuman scream came from what he was fighting, and suddenly it stopped. The Slender man nodded to himself, his tentacles dripping with a black fluod strange that seemed for all the world to be steam. Took it, and after a couple of strange gurgling noises, he turned to me. There was no sign of aywhere thing.

Fixed Translation: Slendy stood in front of me, and I could tell he was trying to be brave so I wasn’t afraid. Something jumped out of the closet, but I was too busy (running? Backtracking?) out of the room to get a clear look at it. I stopped when my back hit the door—oh, God, hadn’t it been open before? Slenderman let out an impressive roar, attacking whatever it was, his tentacles stabbing in rapid succession. A strong, inhuman scream came from what he was fighting, and suddenly it stopped. Slenderman nodded to himself, his tentacles dripping with a strange black fluid that for all the world seemed to be steaming. He took the body in his arms, and after a few strange gurgling noises, he turned to face me. There was no sign of anything, anywhere. And back to the story. END OF NOTE.

I couldn’t help myself from hugging Slendy again, even though I knew he was still dripping with the weird black blood. He nodded again to me, before leaving the room and heading down the stairs. I smiled. It was nice having him around.

I went back to my room, thinking about how I hadn’t seen Herobrine again since that first time in the hotel room with my family. I wondered if I still needed to find a way to destroy him, even though there wasn’t any new developments about Minecraft on the news. I knew it would probably be a good idea to take a nap and check back in on the defenders, seeing if they were still okay in the bunker I’d managed to make for them.

I climbed into bed, happy to see that Cloud was once again happily curled up in my room, no longer afraid of my closet. I snuggled up with Cloud, holding her close to me as I started to drift off to sleep. As I was about to drift off, I heard her meow quietly and felt a rather long hand brush across my cheek. I smiled, and unconsciously took Slendy’s hand, looking up into his kindly face without a face. He nodded to me, and I drifted off to sleep again, relaxing with the knowledge that I had a very scary protector making sure nothing could ever get at me.

NOTE: Okay, I cannot help but throw my two cents into this. This is the one chapter that makes me tear my hair out—occasionally literally. I cannot understand anything. I feel like Mitchie must have been high when she wrote it—there’s no way it’s true. It’s probably just an elaborate hoax. Either way, I will continue to read it and translate it, as from this point on the text becomes more and more….Odd.

I cannot believe anything about Slenderman and Mitchie. It doesn’t make sense. I guess Slenderman was a lot nicer than what any of us actually thought? I guess that, as the memes say, he really was just wanting to return your wallet….

The thing that was in the closet probably was another plain and simple monster. I can’t name it from the description—probably just a closet demon, like all the other insanely common ones. Why do demons like closets so much? It’s all so very cliché, but there’s always a bit of a truth to these myths….

I know all too well that things in the closet actually do exist. I’ve seen them myself. However, I won’t go into this, because my personal life does not make that much of an effect on this story. Let’s go onto the next chapter, shall we? END OF NOTE.

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