Thursday, February 20, 2014


My life--what is my life?
Is it good, or bad?
I don't understand it.
I don't know if I want it.

I'm drowning, you know.
I've said it oft enough.
It means I'm afraid.
Alone, continually.

I'm wandering, wondering.
Afraid and trying to be brave.
I'm holding myself tightly.
Keeping control as much as I can.

I'm slipping, though.
Dark waters.
Broken souls.
I keep slipping.

I'm trying to understand--
So many voices.
An ever-changing reality.
No one's real--so why should I be?

I barely love who I am.
I barely understand it.
My life worries me.
My life scares me.

I'm surviving, but I'm....
I'm always second-guessing.
I'm worried, truly.
I'm worried.

It hurts me so much.
But it...isn't worth it.
I'm getting through this.
I'm getting better.

I swear, okay?
I swear I'll be fine.
I'll survive.
Be my support....

Be my support.
My silent ghosts and watchers.
Be my loves.
Be my protectors.

Be mine, darlings.
I will make you proud.
I'll write for you,
If it keeps you happy.


  1. These poems are so real, they're beautiful.
    We will protect you, don't worry.

  2. These poems are Me in as honest as a form as I can be. It's only honesty....


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