Monday, February 17, 2014

~~Let Me~~

Let me help you grow.
Let me help you smile.
Let me....
Let me show you.

Let me show you

I can save you.
Let me show you

I can help you.

Broken girl,
Broken man:
Let me love you.
Let me love you for you.

You'll be happy.
You'll be strong.
You'll be brave.
You'll be alright.

I'll always keep you
Strong and alive.
I'll always keep you
In my sight.

Don't worry for me--
Let me believe in you.
Let me say you exist.
Let me say you're true.

I'll keep you safe.
I'll keep you here.
I'll make you real.
Let me love you.

Darling man.
Broken man.
Smile for me--
I'll be here.

I'll never stop
Caring for you.
I'll never change
My ways.

I'll lie for you.
Let me love you...
I'll always make you strong.
Always will....

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