Tuesday, February 4, 2014

~~You Had Your Chances~~

You had your chances,
You had your dreams!
So spare me your glances--
And tell me it is as it seems.

It seems you gave up on me.
You turned away, when you said
You'd never let me be lonely!
Now I'm running on ahead....

I'm not waiting anymore
For the one who won't follow.
It's time I close that door
And give up, and let you go.

Break me down, if you can.
Catch me if you can!
You won't be my only man,
And I'll never be your biggest fan.

I don't want to be your patient girl,
Don't want to be the one to stay.
Make it worth it to let you give me a whirl--
But I'll never give you a time of day.

Take some advice from somebody who knows you:
You'd better get your butt in gear.
It's time you realize: I was wrong to love you
And I won't be waiting here.

We should've been so good--
But now I'm saying I'm better off lonely.
You had so many things you
Could have done--but now you lost me.

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