Monday, February 10, 2014

~~If You Have to Leave~~

A Poem by Raphael

I wish you would just leave.
Please stop fighting,
And just go.
I can't breathe anymore.

It's drowning me.
Watching you grow....
Waiting for you to go.
You can't breathe

If you're here with me.
I can't think
If I'm away from you.
But I don't want you here.

I'm holding you back:
You won't grow unless you go.
I won't live unless you stay;
But that doesn't matter, now does it?

You need to go, and grow.
You need to leave me tonight.
Don't be my girl anymore--
Be your own woman.

Live without me.
Live without us.
It isn't worth fighting....
You'll never be trusted.

If you stay here...
We'll make you drown.
If you stay here,
We'll keep you down.

So forgive me
For making you go.
And I'll forgive you
For hating it here.

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