Friday, February 14, 2014

~~No.--A Poem by Raphael~~

You don't get to choose
Who ends up alone.
You don't get to say
Who has won.

You're not the one to judge
What is right or wrong.
You aren't old enough
To sing the right song.

Be right, be wrong--
But don't be theirs.
Run away, alright?
There'll be someone else to care.

You'll never be alone.
You'll never be broken,
You're far too strong for that game.
You were chosen.

Yes, that's right--I chose you.
I chose you to raise.
I close you to love.
I chose you, in another's place.

Love me, okay?
I know I'm not perfect.
But you're no better:
You're just as drowned in regret.

Please, smile for me:
I'm sorry for you.
Keep moving on.
You know I'm proud of you.

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