Monday, February 10, 2014

~~Be Less~~

A Poem by Raphael

Change already.
Don't you see I'm sick of it?
I'm sick of watching
You play.

You whine, and blame.
You never admit
Your failures
To anyone but me.

I'm tired of this game.
Won't you admit
You're ashamed?
Just leave those men alone.

You don't deserve
To hurt them.
You blind girl--
Don't you understand?

Don't you understand you're
Hurting them?
Driving them mad?
Don't you hear them beg?

Make them leave
You alone!
Please, make them
Leave you alone.

Broken girl, you stubborn girl:
Move on past your world.
They are more than you deserve.
More than you have earned.

Be less than this--
Be more than this.
You'll be okay
If you make them walk away.

Isn't one man
Enough for you?
One man, who traded
It all so he could keep you.

With your love:
You made a killer stop killing.
You made a man jump.
You made someone live.

With your love:
You made someone change.
You made someone grow.
You made someone cry.

With your life:
You made a man proud.
You made a woman happy.
You made a man remember how to fight.

Don't be selfish.
Be selfless.
Make your choice,
And run.

Please, don't be
The one to make it worse.
Be less amazing,
So losing you won't hurt as much...

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