Thursday, February 6, 2014

~~I Won't Wait (So Catch Up to Me)~~

Forgive me if I'm selfish.
Forgive me if I'm forward--
You know me, baby.
This is who I am.

So let's just figure out
If I'm what you want--
So far, you say
That I'm all you've got!

Is that right, baby?
Or is it a sweet lie?
Is a lie--like all the things
I tell you at night?

A sweet little whisper
Sounds in your ear--
A little hand
To pull you near!

Is this right?
Or is it wrong
To need you tonight?
I'm sorry if I'm selfish.

But I'm not sorry that you're blind--
You could run
And you could hide:
You knew me from the start.

But yet, you've given me your heart.
Do you even realize
It's all a game I play?
Or do you expect better?

You shouldn't expect
More than this!
You should know I won't wait
For the times to be great.

I won't wait for you, baby.
I can't spare the time.
You know I'm running on empty--
I'm racing ahead until I break.

Gasping breaths and broken moans--
I wish you weren't the one I'd known.
I wish you'd be with me,
And not make me wait....

I hate myself for
Hurting you.
But I don't know how
To love you.

Is it possible to learn?
Or is it foolish to try?
Will you listen to me?
Will you forgive me?

I'm sorry for being selfish.
I'm sorry being blind.
You deserve more than me--
But I can't just let you go.

I die alone, I die alone!
Don't let me go on alone....
I need you, baby!
So catch up to me.

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