Thursday, February 20, 2014


Shiver inside.
Shiver and smile.
Break down, and grow.
You're feeling better.

It only works if it grows--
So feel it grow inside.
There's something wrong.
Just don't forget there's something right.

Believe me: There's something
Worth fighting for.
There's something worth
The false memories and pain.

Your life will grow.
Your life will improve.
You will find love.
You will find meaning.

In the simplest words,
I'll fight to tell you
That there's something here
Worth fighting for.

You will get stronger.
You will grow.
Believe in me,
My darlings.

I'll support you from afar.
From a silent and far distance,
I'll listen to you and help you grow.
Just trust me.

Trust me, and shiver.
Feel the hope
Slide up your spine.
Feel yourself grow.

Be safe, my loving doves.
Be safe for me.
I'll always
Be safe for you.

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