Friday, February 14, 2014

~~Technical Writing?--Life Post~~

I'm considering a brand-new career.

Could I be a technical writer? Well, I most likely could: I've always wanted to write for a living, and I know I have a good deal of talent at it. I know it is definitely a different set of skills, and I'd need to get training/education in it, but it would be one hell of a career. Writing for a living would be amazing!

I can write a reasonably good essay in under an hour, at any page length. I'll just need a good basis in technology, and in computers. I have faith in my ability to learn it--hell, if I was desperate, I could ask Nicholas for help. He's going to one of the best computer science universities in America, if not the world. Hell, I even have another friend now who'd happily assist me if he has the time...

I'm almost terrified of it, though....Computer science sounds very hard. Then again, there are free compute sciences being offered by University of Toronto.

Once I get out of schooling and training, I could walk smack-dab into $50K a year. That, coupled with any and all of the e-books I want to sell.....This will be pretty dang cool. And I don't need to really go anywhere. I might have an office, but all of the materials and work should be able to be emailed/faxed.

I'm also considering getting into more...secretive writing topics. Heh. Stuff that needs a fake name, needs to wait until I'm eighteen, and sells like hotcakes.

If I do end up getting around to that, I'll start up a blog DIFFERENT from this one. I am not entirely sure if I will link it on here, but that choice will be one that can wait for a long time yet....

Sooooo, uh....As you can see, my future is going to involve a lot of writing and eBooks...


Actually, yes. That sounds absolutely perfect. Looking at all of my options, technical writing and self-publishing as much as I like sounds amazing. It is exactly the kind of life I want to have.

As long as my hands don't give out on me, that is....Ugh, I'm so worried about them.

Hey, hey guys! I think I'm going to be okay.

Actually, more than okay....The world looks brilliant today, my beloved darlings...

The world looks brilliant today.

Today is Valentine's Day, correct?


Another Valentine's Day gone, another day wondering where, when, and why....

I'm going to start writing again--and, by writing, I mean working on Candy-Sweet Faces.

I'm going to toss out a random release date...

December 10th.

Got it?

Logged it?


So, based on that.....

I have just under three hundred days to....

  • Finish the rough draft
  • Find an ending
  • Rewrite
  • Edit
  • Get ready to publish
  • Edit
  • Find a cover
  • Edit
  • Edit
  • Edit.....
  • EDIT!

I...I should be able to do this!

I want to do this!



I found a writer's guild stationed here in my hometown. This is amazing! There's a meeting in...eleven days. Do you guys think I should go?

It would help so much if I could find a mentor/some help networking....

I should make business cards....

Do people still make business cards?

And why do I want business cards?

I have so many things to think about...

But, yet....The future is brilliant.

I'm looking forward to my life again. Things are going to go amazingly. I'm so proud of who I am....So very, very proud. I love my life. I love my soul. Even though a lot of things are going to be hard, and I'm definitely going to have a lot of rough patches....I'm going to be amazing, my loves. I'm going to learn and I'm going to grow. I'm going to get better. I'm going to fight like hell to get better.

And I already am better!

Compare me today to who I was a few months ago. I'm less depressed now. More open. More willing to fight. Stronger, better.

Hell, just more alive. I'm more alive right now than I've been in years!

And it feels so good...

With love and hope,

Half-Mad Writer

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