Monday, February 3, 2014


Let me run.
Let me hide.

The rain drips down
The leaves in the trees.

The young man smiles
As he turns away.

The moon shines
In the abyss-black sky.

The dreamer rolls over
Caught in her homeland.

Let me run, let me hide:
Is all she can think.

A distant dream,
Or a realized nightmare?

What shall capture my mind
As I go to sleep tonight?

Who will take my hand
And pull me off the edge?

Am I dreaming,
Or am I awake?

Am I awake to see you
Before you leave me alone?

Are you really there
Or have I just hallucinated your touches?

Is this real
Or is this fake?

Is this good
Or is it bad?

What's going on in my mind
As I fall asleep tonight?

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