Monday, February 17, 2014

~~A-Z Announcement!--Notification/Figment Post~~

~~Okay! So we've all come to a decision. Seeing as April is coming up, and Alexandra isn't one hundred percent sure whether or not she'll be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, we have a lot of things to do if we want to be ready.~~

$$Besides! Her hands are hurting. She shouldn't be writing at all....$$

++Ugh! Enough with the writing-despite-pain complaints. Don'tcha think my hands hurt, too? I've been playing so many games....++

%%Be quiet, my darling. Alexandra is the one with a physical body, and she is the one with the blog.... Soooo, she's the one who gets to complain.%%

--Everyone, hush! We've been talking for too long now. I'm sure everyone's getting tired of our rambling voices....--

##B-But....I haven't even gotten tah talk yet! I wanna taaaaalk....##

~~No! No puppy dog eyes! You promised me I'd get to explain!~~

##Fiiiine....Will chu get me a puppy?##

~~You have Raven....~~

##A werewolf sadist doesn't count as a puppy!!!!##

~~....Good point. Anyways. I'm going to take over. Bite me.~~

~~I didn't mean liter--OW!~~

##Chu taste funneh....##

~~Fine. I'll take a shower--after this. Deal?~~


~~Okay! So I'm going to take over from this point on. As you have guessed, what's going to happen during April and the A-Z Blogging Challenge is going to involve us. Each one of us is going to get our own topic, and we'll take turns during the week. Each Sunday - as the day off is Sunday, as memory serves - Alexandra will take over her blog again and comment on what each of us has done during the week. Seeing as there's so many of us, some of us will end up tackling the same letter, but in different posts. I apologize ahead of time is this gets confusing.~~

~~Now, the schedule of daily posts might end up being destroyed during April. The schedule will resume after the month will end. Don't worry about the daily poems, as we'll try very hard to keep Alexandra writing them. Apparently, they're bitchin'.~~

~~How are all of you guys doing? I hope you're doing well--and I also hope you don't blame us for taking over today....We felt like we should come and talk to you.~~

~~We don't have a set plan of topics for the challenge yet, though. We'll try and get back to you later today. And, yes, there will be a tab where all of our posts are linked to--with our names and chosen topics. Expect poems, reviews, and maybe a short story or two. We'll try not to include erotica.~~

~~We'll try.~~

~~But we aren't sure it will work.~~


~~I shall go now....I love you, beautiful world.~~

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