Tuesday, February 25, 2014

~~Regaining Wings~~

How do I fly when I've walked
This exact same path
For my entire journey?
How do I fly when I don't know how?

My wings were robbed from my back.
My heart was shattered and torn.
My body was beaten and abused.
My mind was splintered apart.

My soul was shaken.
I was unmade--
How do I fly
When I can't breathe?

How do I regain my wings
Without you teaching me
How to jump off the cliff--
And never let myself down?

How do I fly
Without you throwing me up?
How do I live
Without you helping me stand?

I've never been fine.
I've never been alright.
I've never been well.
So how do I fly?

What happened to my wings?
When did I lose my reason?
When did I lose myself?
When did it stop making sense?

How do I regain my wings
When I don't even know
If I lost them, or not?
If I lost them, did I give them away?

What part of me did I trade
For the love that has destroyed me?
How many times
Have I wished for love?

How many times
Has that wish been answered?
It's been answered too many times.
Each answer's cost is a single feather

From the wings
I gave away.
Each love's cost
is a single angel feather.

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