Monday, February 17, 2014


The cut was so little, so little.
The pain was so real, so real.
The game wasn't fake, wasn't fake--
But now she won't wake, she won't wake.

It was so small, so small.
She wasn't supposed to see, to see.
A little ring left behind, left behind.
A little lie being made, being made.

Promises are made to break, to break.
Commitments aren't true, aren't true.
But I was in love with her, with her:
Won't she wake for me, for me?

She left me behind again, behind again.
I'm alone here, alone here.
I never told her, never told her:
I really did love her, love her.....

I'm sorry for my mistakes, my mistakes.
I wish they were gone, were gone....
Forgive me for leaving, for leaving.
Forgive me for cheating, for cheating.

It was so little, so little....
One night only, night only....
But now she's slipped away, slipped away...
I can't live today, live today....

Come back to me, back to me....
I swear I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I wanted you forever, you forever....
We had so little time, so little time....

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