Tuesday, February 25, 2014

~~Halfway Twisted~~

Simpler things were never done.
Simpler things were never spoken.
Simpler things were never understood.
Simpler things were never dreamed.

I am more and I am less.
I am hope and I am hopeless.
I am full and I am empty.
I am insane and I am crazy.

I am sliding down.
I am climbing up.
I am turning around.
I am running away.

I am closing the door.
I am climbing the hill.
I am breaking the wall.
I am sealing the letter.

I am painting my mind on a silver feather.
I am scribbling my mind on a single letter.
I am draining my mind on a shining night.
I am losing my mind on a broken night.

I don't see why you believe in me.
I don't see why you understood me.
I don't see why you remade me.
I don't see why you betrayed me.

Stop loving the hated.
Stop hating the loved.
Stop trusting the untrustworthy--
I'll be the one you can believe in.

I'm losing control, a bit at a time.
I'm draining the ocean, and looking for the hole.
I'm wondering if I have a soul.
I'm claiming myself, and realizing what you stole.

Barely rhythmic, let me hold you.
Barely substantial, let me take you.
Barely alive, let me love you.
Barely sane, let me keep you.

I'm losing it all at the sound of your name.
I'm twisting away, just to win the game.
I'm making you the final promise:
I will never be more than halfway twisted.

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