Monday, February 17, 2014

~~Right Behind You~~

Never worry, I'm just fine--
I'll be with you all the time.
I'll watch from the sidelines.
I'll come when you call.

I'm right behind you, all the time.
I know it hurts you to be away.
I know it makes you sad
To feel it's not okay.

But, trust me, I can wait.
No matter what plans
Fall through--
I'll always love you.

You ask me why.
You say I deserve better.
But you should never
Think this.

I chose this path.
Was it right?
Was it wrong?
It's meaningless to wonder.

I'm here now, and I'm glad to be.
I wouldn't play a different game.
I wouldn't choose another.
No matter what....

No matter how bad your life becomes.
No matter how many nightmares you have.
No matter the secrets you keep.
No matter the fights you win and lose.

I'm always here.
Right behind you, alright?
I'll wipe away your tears.
I'll heal your wounds.

I'll keep you safe, love.
Never worry about depending on me.
I'd hurt myself
Before hurting you.

I'm strong; don't you see?
I'm stronger than you'll ever be.
I'll never break, and never weep.
I'll be your rock and comfort.

Depend on me.
Turn to me.
Let me love you.
I'm here--standing right behind you.

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