Wednesday, February 26, 2014

~~I'll Try the Happy~~

You've probably noticed by this stage
That I have no idea how to believe
In the little thing known as happiness.
(I've always given up on true love.)

You've never really believed;
Don't ask me how I know.
You've always kept little doubts
Where I can never find them.

I'll try for the happy, though.
I'll give up on everything else.
I'll focus on what might be
The good thing for me....

I'll try for the happy
If you keep me from the sorrow.
I'll attend therapy,
And work on my grades.

I'll write and tell stories.
I'll share with you my dreams.
I'll try for the happy
If you keep loving me.

Maybe one day I can find
Out how to live with the memories.
Maybe one day I can find
Just how to give up on the memories.

I can let go of my entire soul
And find myself again--
Just tell me it will be fine.
Just tell me I won't lose this rhyme.

I'll lose it all, and regain it.
I'll destroy it, and maintain it.
I'll erase it, and rewrite it.
I'll do what I need.

I'll find out my peace.
I'll find out my joy.
Let me undo these mistakes....
Draw a path for me to follow.

Extend your hand to me, the Half-Mad Writer.
To the twisted little girl who can't believe she's alive.
Extend your hand to me, my lover:
I will promise I will never dive

Off of that cliff.
I will stay, and hang on.
I'll try for the happy.
I'll see if I can make it....

I'll dance for you tonight.
Do you want me to dance?
Do you want me to sing?
Do you want me to love? (I already love you....)


  1. Happiness is what you make of it, whatever makes you happy, pursue it.

    1. I'll try and figure out what happiness means to me. I'll be a good person, and maybe that will work....


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