~~The Mansion: IMAGES~~

 Michael. In one of his tamer looking images.


 Jace. Yes, yes he does look emo.

Dana. Adorable, is she not? Oddly out of her hoodie today--must have gotten all dressed up.

 Raven, who oddly dressed down today.
Raven in his wolf form.

 Raphael. Doesn't he look cute? ;D

Nikita in her kitten form. Least threatening image ever.

 Nikita, in her human...ish...not really...form.

Alakina, back when her wings were tinted black instead of the white they are now. Her hair was also darker, making this an image of her a long time ago. Her hair is now steel grey.

Kakana, looking all bored because he's made everything he can think of at the time....

My appearance in the Mansion.

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