Friday, February 7, 2014


Don't fail me.
You know I need you--
Instruments of the soul.
Creators of my words.
Recorders of my mind.

Don't hurt now, please.
Don't cause me pain.
I know I've mistreated you--
But, please!
I need you.

Little things, that mean so much.
To tap, and touch, and type.
Caress my lover's cheek,
And wrap my scarf tight.
Don't let me fail tonight.

Without you, I would not exist--
I could not drink, nor eat.
I would not survive, I'd be
Without your power.

Don't fail me, hands.
I'll treat you better!
Just, please, don't hurt.
I pledge to you I'll be kinder--
Just don't fail me tonight.

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