Friday, February 14, 2014

~~Little Darling~~

Watch me run.
Watch me fly.
Watch me scream.
Watch me love.

The wind blows cold
From the gaping window--
The leaves clatter
On the cobble floor.

It's hard to make it matter
When all you know is hate--
When nothing matters,
The mask begins to shatter.

You tear off the diamond--
And leave it with blood.
Red rubies slither and slip
Along pale-white, pure skin.

Flesh and bone, my darling:
They're all we have in common.
A game we play, is the game we lose.
We never understood what was true.

Watch me run, little darling.
Watch my feet kick up the dust
As I careen around the corner--
Stopping dead at your booted feet.

Watch me cry, my darling.
Watch me beg for your hand.
Watch me let you hurt me--
Little darling, I'll be yours.

The wind blows hot from the fire,
As our memories singe and twirl.
Ashes dance like flickering stars,
Reflected in your abyssal eyes.

Raven hair and a smirk, my darling:
Show me the girl that makes me run.
I'll burn if you call my name, my darling--
Make me run tonight.

Forgive me, my darling:
I've failed in your games.
Forget me, my darling:
I've burned you all away.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I wasn't sure whether or not I liked this one...It was an attempt to adjust my free-verse, free-form writing.


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