Wednesday, June 5, 2013

~~Random Acts of Randomness, Casey, Rahim, and Satan--Review Post~~

Well, hello my strange and wondrous readers! Today is certainly a wondrous day, and for reasons I will inform you of the post following this. One small hint--dawn has broken.

Well, now that that introduction is out of the way, I'll keep going on what the title actually means.

This ought to summarize the entirety of the webcomic incredibly well. Without words, too, for all you lazy bones out there.... Wait, you guys are reading this on my blog....Which tends to be quite long-winded--when I'm prolific, I mean--so....Yeah you guys aren't lazy.

Moving right along here....

Well, what this webcomic is cannot really be defined. It takes place at Davies College, and all the people there are students.

There's a huge amount of nerdiness, breaking of the Fourth Wall, tentacles, Casey, a huge amount of random things, Rahim, Sherlock, the Doctor, Rahim......

There's Casey Mulligan, who might be Satan. He also has an incredibly amusing--sorry, Casey--set of quirks and 'issues' that makes him soooo loveable and/or easy to hate. I personally adore him. He also has the BEST conversations with his mother. That's just a sample....They get MUCH more amazing!

There's Marie Dumont, who I just wanna hug....She's so cute! She's also a bit of an idiot, but she's just adorable....She has a lot of things going on with her--including the black-leather'd Evil Marie--and June 18th, but I won't explain that.....Its YOUR job to find out, dear reader.

Those are the main two characters....Here's a quick list:

Barbara: Paranoid Sherlock. That sums her up more than anything else....She's also awesome, and has a hell of a bad time marking.....
Rahim: ZOOOOOOOOMG I LOVE YOU. I mean ahem....Cynical and loveable
Frankie: Driven, a bit unwilling to forgive, but I like her.
Weird Beard:  His name kinda says a lot more than I need to.

Okay, that's a REAAAAAALLY small list....

But the fact is, this small little so-unknown webcomic is just plain wonderful.

I'm going to be so terribly sad when it ends, but I'm going to keep rereading it until the day I die.

There's something marvellous about it. It really has grown in the years it has been going on. The art's changed, the characters grew....

I'm glad I found it.

So, my dearest readers.....

Take the next several years out of your life and work your way through the insanity that is one of my main sources of amusement: West of Bathurst.

Trust me, you won't regret it. I can't even explain some of the things that go on....

I just know I love it.

Whelp, I'm being called to dinner, so...I love you, guys.

Oh, and Kari? Rahim + Marie = perfect.

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  1. Aw...thanks, Alex. I'm glad you're geeking out over the comic. I don't want to have to end it, but I also don't want it to turn into a zombie; it's definitely a story comic, and stories do end. I'm pleased that you love Rahim. I actually frequently want to hug all my characters, who really do have a pretty hard time of it. I'm not very nice to them. Poor fictional characters.

    Keep up the interesting work with your blog.


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