Wednesday, February 12, 2014

~~HER: Chapter Five--Remembrance~~

--Ann's POV--

How had I even got pulled into this? Ten minutes of hell....Ten minutes I stayed with Logan before I ran!

And She didn't follow. How did I even think She would?

It wasn't like I was the one She was haunting. I'd only gone over there to see if Logan was okay, because Jamie had asked me to.

And now that I was back at my apartment, he was nowhere to be found.

But the kids were, so at least it meant that She hadn't come. I doubted She would have left the children alive.

Danny runs over, and hugs me, saying, "Hi, mommy! Uncle Jamie left!"

Lila walks over to me, tamer than her brother, slower and quieter, "Where did he go, mommy?"

I hug my two little darlings, and say softly, "I don't know, little angels. Wherever he is, he'll come back soon."

Or, at least, I hoped he did. I dialed his cell, but he never picked up.

I give up, and don't call Logan. I didn't want to think of him with Stacy--how could he be so blind as to not see how I felt about him?

Because I loved him.

I loved him with everything I was.

How long has it been since I kissed him? Since I held him? Since he shared my bed?

The answer came to me easily: The last time was the night She died.

What had even happened that night?

I didn't remember....I remembered feeling afraid, jealous, drunk....Drugged?

It wouldn't have surprised me.

So much had gone wrong that night....Logan and Jamie fighting, Logan pulling me into the closet, Jamie ripping him out of there, slapping him, and telling him to go find Her because She knew.

And then, when he went to find Her, Jamie had followed him up.

But which one of them had pushed Her? I remembered hearing shouted arguments, screams, swears.

But I hadn't seen anything but the sight of Her falling down, down, down to land on the pavement, Her legs spread wide, Her arms spread like wings.

I just stood there, inside, watching as Logan and Jamie burst out, tearing past me to reach Her.

I see them whirl on each other, and fight, grabbing broken pieces of the balcony railing and slashing at each other. I see Jamie stab Logan in the stomach, shoving him away before Jamie falls to his knees beside her, weeping.

Which one of them had killed Her?

Did it even matter?

I just dialed nine one one.

When they came, Jamie was gone, She was stone cold, and Logan was all but dead.

I still hadn't taken a single step.

I try to force away the memories of that night, but they refuse to leave me.

Will they ever let me go?

--Jamie's POV--

I couldn't risk staying with Ann. I just couldn't.

I couldn't risk Her hurting the kids.

So where am I gonna stay now?

I look all around my contacts list, but I don't find a single name.

No one I knew I would risk their safety in return for mine.

So where to go...?


--Logan's POV--

Ann was out.

It was just me, trapped with Her.

How could I have ever expected her to stay? Ann and I had been lovers once....And for a few brief moments we were lovers again, but now she was gone! I was out of her heart--she was the best thing that had ever happened to me. And she was gone....

"But I won't ever leave you....." She whispers, brushing up against me. "And aren't I the best thing...? Or, at least...that's what you told me."

"And I meant it," I assure Her, trembling, "But why won't you leave me...?"

She laughs, touching my shoulder gently, "You know why...."

"But I don't remember what happened that night...." I tell Her, looking away.

She whispers, "That doesn't matter...."

It really doesn't. Who cares what happened? She was still haunting me, Jamie was still off in the middle of nowhere, Ann was gone....

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