Tuesday, February 4, 2014

~~Not Much Better?~~

I wish I had changed.
I wish I had grown.
You know--
I truly thought I had.
I thought I'd gotten better.
I thought I'd been okay!
But I never realized
That I was dying inside.
I thought I'd been alone.
I thought I'd been fine.
I thought I'd been better than this.
Please don't leave me alone!
Please don't
Make me fight alone.
Give me a reason.
Give me a soul.
Let me win, and let me
Prove to you I'm fine.
I'm not much better
Than I was before
But now...
I'm trying, alright?
I'm trying.
Don't let me drown like this!
Don't let me die
Like this!
I earned a better fate
Than to be quietly drowned....
I earned something better....
At least,
I thought I had.
Am I not much better
Than I was before?
Didn't I learn a thing?
Didn't I grow?
Didn't I change?
Right now, I have to ask:
Is there a future for me
Or is it all
A lie?

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