Friday, February 14, 2014

~~Chapped Lips~~

I'm losing my mind:
I thought you should know
That I don't care what you think.

My lips are bleeding:
I thought you should know
That I'm dying inside.

My lips are chapped,
My soul is scarred,
And my reason is fleeing me.

It's leaving me behind;
I'm losing it all
And I can't believe you don't see.

Can't you hear the screaming?
Can't you see the blood dripping down?
Can't you understand I'm dying?

I'm trying for you.
I'm trying to wait--
But you keep pushing it back.

You keep pushing me away.
Don't leave me alone--
Don't leave me alone today.

I'm dying inside.
I'm breaking inside.
Inside, I'm praying for you.

Won't someone answer?
Won't someone hear
The angel screaming out?

Won't someone know?
Won't someone see?
Won't anyone help me?

I'll keep it inside
If you promise to
Kiss me on my chapped lips.

Kiss me on my chapped lips,
And wipe away the blood.
Let me be whole again.

Give me a reason to care
What people think--
Because I don't give a damn.

Give me a reason to go on
Fighting, because inside
I'm crying for a way out.

My soul is searching
For more than this:
Give it something to latch on to.

I'm losing myself,
I'm losing control,
And I'm losing you.

Stay with me!
Won't you please see
How much this hurts me?

I can't regain my wings
Unless you teach me to
Fly upon the winds again....

I'm on the wrong page.
I'm on the wrong side of the street.
Teach me to be right.

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