Sunday, February 2, 2014

~~You Lost~~

You lost.
You know you lost.
Admit it--you failed.
You made me
Run away from you.
You weren't
Worth my time.
You lost me.
So let go of me.

I'll never be yours--
And you never were mine.

So let me go.

Why do you come to me?
Why do you ask for me back?

I thought I made it clear that
We were very much over.

You lost me!
You could've won.
You could've had the whole world
But you never found the time.

You were never smart enough
To play the game like
I showed you.
You were never
Smart enough
To realize what I was asking of you.

So now we're over.
Now we're over....
Why do
You want me back?

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