Friday, April 25, 2014

~~Help Me Not~~

I'm happy here.
I'm happy
In my darkness.
I'm happy
In my light.
I'm happy
On the rollercoaster,
Tumbling from
Highs of
Perfect apparent sanity,
And lows of
Dark demise.
I'm happy tumbling
From high cliffs,
Unable to recall
Just how to fly
Until the very last instant
Before the spikes
Pierce my heart.
I am happy here.
I know you don't think so.
I know you believe
I'd be better off
If I accepted
Your assistance.
I know I need therapy.
I know I need to lose
Myself in pain
And drown myself
In pleasure.
I know I need to
Close myself off
More, or is it less?
Is it better
To be open
And let the light in,
Or closed
And keep the night out?
Teach me--
Is it better
To be me,
Or to be

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