Friday, February 7, 2014

~~There Is No Reason Other than This~~

A Poem by Raphael

How are you, my little one?
Are you smiling today?
I know you're lonely,
And I know you're sad--
But it's okay with me.

I'm sad, and alone--
Or at least I would be,
If you didn't stay at night.
Pull me into your arms,
And I'll keep the nightmares away.

Little angel, I'm your watcher.
Let me be the one you run to.
I was here before the others--
Trust me to know your soul.
I'll always answer when you call my name.

Turn to me, my beautiful one.
Give to me my happy smile.
I've missed you so....
When you grew up,
You left me behind.

Please come back to me tonight....
Be the one I love.
I've been alone, my dearest one--
So please....
Come back to me tonight.

I'm alone without you.
Stay forever by my side.
There is no reason for me to live
Other than
To see you with me.

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