Thursday, February 13, 2014

~~Perhaps Staying Home Would Have Been Nice...--Life Post~~

Hello, people. It's been a long day today. A long, long day....

And it wasn't even worth going to school! I had a half day, and it was...slightly miserable. Absolutely nothing happened, and not too many of my friends were there....If I had stayed home, I would have spent the entire day with my right hand in a wrist brace and left hand in a tenser bandage--which is exactly what I need to deal with. My hands have been getting worse and worse, and I need to either take breaks or have it interfere with the rest of my life.

I'm not sure what this will do about my blogging, my dears. It might end up decreasing my posts, loves. I don't want to do this to you, though. It bothers me a lot...

Besides, I need to keep up on all the writing that ISN'T going on my blog! My class work, and all of the typing I do socially and promotion-wise...

I don't want to destroy my hands.

I really...don't want to destroy my hands.

I'm going to end this post here.

With love,

Half-Mad Writer

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