Sunday, February 16, 2014

~~No More Love~~

Run from me, this time--
Cut the silken scarves.
Unbind yourself from my heart,
And run from me tonight.

I don't want to hold you here.
I don't want to lie.
I don't want to pretend--
But I do, because you say:

You say you love me.
You don't even know me.
In the darkest nights,
It's my name you scream--

But you should be running away!

No more love, I beg.
No more charisma calling you here.
No more shame to blind you
To what is really true.

I don't want to hurt you--
Because, I do.....I do love you.
I don't want to scare you away,
So I'll stay quiet.

I love you, don't go...
I love you, don't stay.
End this game.
You're the one who can.

I can't tell my reasons.
I can't say I'm sorry.
I can't undo these actions.
So let me run away....

No more love.
No more memories.
No more attempts
At the happy....

I wish I could show you
Just what I've kept away,
But you wouldn't listen
When I said I was okay.

Couldn't you hear me screaming?
Couldn't you see the tear?
It doesn't matter, now:
I've run away from here.

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