Wednesday, February 12, 2014

~~I Shall Take the Path Less Traveled By: 300th Post~~

This is it.

The post you've been waiting for.

The big announcement.

What is it?

Could the blog be ending? Could this be my goodbye? Could I have led all of you on--only to break your hearts?

Will this be me saying that I give up, and will finally start writing erotica? Erotica with gay guys?

Will I be announcing that I am lesbian? (I can't believe that's actually a possibility....)

Will I be saying I'm FINALLY going to tell my family about everything that has happened to me?

Which is...definitely something that needs to happen, but it's pretty much certain that I am not quite ready for it yet. I'm going to be able to tell them one day, but I don't even know if it matters anymore. So much time has passed, and so much time has gone by...

Okay. I'm going to shut up now, and I'm going to tell you just what is happening....

I'm going to publish Candy-Sweet Faces.

It's going to be available on Amazon for anywhere from ninety-nine cents to seven dollars. If I have enough interest from all of you, that might raise/lower the price. Of course, there will be days when it's free (because I feel like it).

Some very, very cool things that are also going to happen....

  • Poetry anthologies of never-before-seen poems. All for a dollar to three dollars.
  • I just might end up doing the 365 Writing Prompts challenge. Seeing as it is currently February 12th, this will mean I'll need to decide whether or not to do the ones previous to this (which will kill my hands...) or just start from today onward. I'll decide by the end of the week, but it's not like I have any problems posting daily. This will just result in continually varying content.
  • Edited versions of all my novels might also end up for sale as well. For around the same price as Candy-Sweet Faces.

So, those three things have been on my mind all day. I'm terrified. Ever so slightly terrified. Okay, more than ever so slightly terrified.....

Am I going to be able to do this, my loves? I'm so scared....

Well, the poetry anthologies will be able to be churned out reasonably quickly. I'll keep an eye on every poem I write, and if I want to toss it into an anthology, I'll hold it back and put it for sale. At minimum, each poetry volume will contain...twenty five edited quality poems. And these won't be the ones I churn out randomly, depending on my emotions--they will be largely entirely new, and hopefully relate-able. Most of my poems are really just reactions to events, so they aren't that easy to relate to...

And, yes, I will be trying to write odes and sonnets. Maybe a haiku.

I'm not even seventeen yet, and already I'm getting ready to do something a lot of people don't do until they're older. I just wish I wasn't so worried....

Candy-Sweet Faces is going to take a lot of work. I'm going to have the draft finished before the end of the semester, and I'm going to get as many people as I can to edit it--including my mom.

However, this eBook is going to offend some people. Pedophiles, rape, online porn rings, murder, and a lot of fighting. And lesbians. Don't forget lesbians. The fact that it is so likely to offend means it is either going to rock--or crash....

I'm going to write a rough premise/back blurb thingy here:

It was always accepted that the world is a cruel place. Children are molested. People die. No one ever expects justice. However, it seems someone disagrees: Across Canada and the United States, pedophiles are being found dead. All are killed in the exact same brutal fashion, but always by someone else. All DNA found is never matched.

Meanwhile, a rich man is spending his days helping people: Runaways, foster children, and problem children are all finding themselves in his care. They receive free educations, and then are sent back out into the world. The world's applauding him for his kindness, but yet....

Who are those girls he favors? Who are Beatrix, Janelle, and Maverick?

In a mad and broken world, Candy-Sweet Faces is the story of three young girls trying to regain what was stolen from them--even at the cost of the lives of everyone they hold dear. Can they learn to love again?

So, that was a bit wordier than I wanted it to be, but it does sound pretty cool....Hopefully, I'll call you guys into this novel.

I think I'm ready, guys. I think I'm ready to enter this brand-new world, and accept just what might happen because of it....I think I'm ready.

I'm ready to take the path less traveled by, and get myself published.

Nibai tibitomaka,
Half-Mad Writer

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