Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I've never been so strong.
I've never been so alive.
Losing myself--no, I'm not.
I'm handing over the controller.

Letting someone else play.
Letting someone else sing.
I'm tired of taking control--
So don't say I'm broken.

I'm letting myself rest.
I'm letting the pain go.
It's time I take the time
To breathe away the pain.

I swear I'm not broken.
I swear I'm not alone.
I swear I'm not shaken.
I'll grow, just wait and see.

I'll live for tomorrow.
I'll sustain today.
I'll survive and breathe.
I'll undo my universe.

I will be fine.
I will be alright.
I will sustain it.
I will survive.

Survive, and breathe.
I'll be completely fine.
My life doesn't hurt.
I'll be alright.

Trust me, my darlings.
Trust me, and hold me.
I'll show you I'm real.
I'll show you I'm true.

I'm not broken.
Just outspoken.
You know my scars--
And you know my victories.

Be proud of me.
I'll run for you.
I'll give up the ghost--
And live for you, too.


  1. Hey, thanks for continuing to write these.
    Like I said, they're bitchin'.

    1. No problem! Thanks for complimenting me--twice! Do me a favor, and spread the word, if you can! <3 I'll do my best to write more if I get more views c:

  2. No relation to the first~ Don't forget yourself, Alex. You're not who you were, nor who you will be. Good luck, and I'm sorry.

    1. I won't forget myself. I'm going to keep fighting....For you guys. Thanks for believing in me, and don't be sorry for anything.

  3. Sameguy here, I'm gonna tell all my friends about this place, one of my bro's from our Jazz Band told me about your work.

    1. Thank you guys! I can't believe Justin's doing so much to help out this little place x3 It means a lot that there's some fans helping....


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