Friday, February 14, 2014

~~Am I Too Lost?~~

Am I being selfish
By wishing for my dreams?
Am I playing games
By pretending it's not what it seems?

Am I being cold
By saying I'm alone?
Am I being hurtful
By saying you're the best I've ever known?

Am I being a liar
By pushing you away?
Am I being a lover
By keeping you today?

Which one am I?
I can't decide--
The possibilities shift
As my mind begins to slide.

Push me away!
I'm begging you
Give me a reason to go--
I can never be true.

Tell me you hate me!
I'm terrified of love.
I can't handle it--
Push me down until the mourning dove.

I can't believe you
When you say I'm good:
I'm not your girl, you know
You know me more than anyone ever should.

Why did you choose me?
Why did you want me?
I'm not the one you need.
I'll just cause you agony.

Am I too lost
To be trusted?
I certainly think so--
I can't be adjusted.

I'm losing myself.
I'm losing control.
Push me away--
I'll never be whole.

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