Wednesday, February 12, 2014

~~Enter the Figments: Notification Post~~

It has been decided....

In they come.

Not for every post, but every now and then, they'll drop in.

To keep things straight, I will be adding THIS little thingy to the sidebar when I get home from school/get around to it:



Does that make sense to everyone? It's a pretty quick compromise between putting their name first, or trying to work my way through all the colors. Besides--

~~My little one is a smidge lazy, and doesn't want to adjust a system that has worked before.~~

^^Yeahhhh, big bad sissapuss is a little bit off....^^

##Cassie, no mouthing off to Alley-cat! She's gotta hard nuff life as it is....##

.....See what I have to live with? I love my mind, but they always have so much going on....Being almost entirely co-conscious is hard.

(Co-conscious--When you and one or more of your alters are all awake at the same time, and can communicate.)

So, basically, a lot of them bounce in for random comments and conversations. Most of the time, I can stem it off and make them go quiet--but if there's someone around they like, or if they're lonely or bored....

$$We enjoy dropping in. She's always ready with some...amusement....$$

++School's soooooo boring, though....Alleeeeeex! Go home and play Portal....!++

##Hey, leave Alley-cat alooone....She needs tah do people stuff....She can't spend every day with us....##

I'm going to be driven crazy by this. If you guys see what's going to happen if they start dropping in more and more, and don't want this to happen, then....Drop a comment, and I'll see what I can do.

But, hey, some of my new friends seem to be entirely alright with them dropping in. Gary and Piro, for example, see no issues at all--probably because they didn't know me before these guys started showing themselves as clearly as they are now. In fact, Gary had Alakina and Nikita drop in on him in our first Omegle conversation!


Hey, you!

Want my Skype?

If someone wants it, drop me a comment, and I'll post it publicly.

No creepers.

I'm quick to block.

Okay, so this is the..299th post.


Oh, hell...

Now, am I quite certain I can write the next post in the time before next class (not long) or do I want to leave it until school ends....

~~We'll see, little one. Don't do too much work with your hands. They're already stiffening....~~

I know, father dear....

Nikai tibitomaka,

Half-Mad Writer

^^Ah, yes. It translates into I Love You, Beloved Fool.^^


  1. 299 posts...
    That's going to be a lot for me to read, but I'll do it for you love.

    1. Thank you, love. I hope you enjoy your reading. ^~^


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