Monday, February 3, 2014

~~A Success!--Life Post~~

So, today--as I mentioned--was my first day of second semester.

And today went quite well!

But, dear lord, I'm tired!

I'm going to register for Anime North this week--that way I save ten bucks. Whoo.

Okay, so I'm considering hating myself for imposing this slightly insane schedule.

Am I able to pull this off?

I don't....I don't really know if I AM able to pull this off.

Then again, there won't be many difficulties with this schedule. For Love of Minecraftia (which I'm getting really tired of writing out, so I'm just going to refer to it as FLOM from now on) is already fully written, which means that I only have to worry about the Sidelines Stories and HER.

I'm so tired, my dear little blog!

So very, very tired...

Well, I suppose it's time to work on HER!

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