Wednesday, February 12, 2014

~~Bittersweet Countdown--Meta Post~~

One of the major issues with my little corner of the interwebs is a lack of labels. I do believe I've mentioned this problem before....

And it is truly a mighty problem. It means the only organization present in my posts are titles themselves--beyond that, they have literally no form of organization. You can't click on a label (as in, writing) and be taken to every last effing post about writing. Which would be a lot smarter than my dinky little ~~______--Insert Category Here~~ thingy in the titles. This causes my readers to pad their way over to the archive, go click-click, and navigate through things THAT way. Ugh, it is way too complicated!

Anyways, I don't think that's going to EVER fix itself, as adding labels to soon to be three hundred posts is going to be agonizing. If I DO end up doing it, it will be during this weekend--which just happens to be a long weekend. And y'all had better be grateful for it.

Okay, so there seems to be more and more of you as time goes on. For the first time, this little blogger is trawling her way through every blog she finds interesting (hi, other people! Lovely to meet all of you!) and is actually working on becoming well-known. Marketing through compliments, hellos, and a lot of reading is actually a lot of fun.

There are a lot of different things that I might be adding to this blog....

Proposed changes:

--Allowing my Figments/other personalities to write their own posts, and/or insert their continual commentary into my own posts.

Issues with the proposed changes:

--Lot of hard work
--Where do I put it? My sidebars are not THAT spacious....
--How do we tell them apart? I can't use colors if I email posts....I could just start using a form of 'quotes' for each one.

Well, let's just see if I can do it. I think that all three would be worthwhile adjustments.

Another thing I'm going to be adjusting is all of the Figment tabs. Their biographies do need changes--less roleplay, and more reality. As much honesty and truth as I can get them to plop down, and of course: Written entirely by them.

Okay, so....I'm guessing all of you out there are realizing I'm filling time before I actually explain the point behind this post.

And, yes, there is a point behind this post.

If my math is right, this post RIGHT HERE is that this is my 298th post.


Which means...the post after the following post is my big-butt announcement.

(I like big butts and I cannot lie...)

(Them other brothers can't deny....)

This...This is what living in my head is like.

Anyways, I'm 95% certain everybody out there has figured out my big announcement.

It's not like it's been kept secret.

However, I will not outright say it until the 300th post. Why? Because I like injecting at least a bit of suspense into your lives...

I'm just not sure if I'm ready. Have I done enough? Am I good enough?

Because I'm beginning to worry that I'm not....

I just really hope you guys can support me through whatever is coming my way. You guys have done great so far, by being around. You people who rarely comment, with your bookmarks and your seemingly continual amusement. I'm really glad that I have you....So, please support me. Please keep supporting me.

I feel bittersweet right now because of all...the uncertainty. This is likely the scariest thing I've ever done, and that's big for me....

I've made friends with contract killers, turned pedophiles in to undercover cops, saw shadow demons, was stalked, bullied, came out of the closet--and told every last bit of it to you. I've fallen in love and gotten depressed. I've gone mad, lost myself, and regained control. I've attempted suicide, screamed on a mountain in the middle of winter, and walked the streets of Paris. I've climbed a Pyramid, jumped off a cliff into white water rapids, and played real-life Slender in the middle of the woods. I've written novels, been laughed at and mocked, and gone from loner to just being alone. I've been to Amsterdam and Venice. I've fallen down the stairs at a monastery-turned-hostel--twice. Or was it three? I've had people suicide over me, change their lives because of me, and fall so hard for me they'd do anything just to seem me smile. I've saved lives, and ended them. Caused pain and brought joy. I've done so many things! So many painful, glorious, marvelous things....

I'm so glad to be alive...

As I get closer to the 300th post, I want all of you to remember something: I love you, and I'll always be yours.

All I ask is that you prove you love me back.


  1. Labels (or tags). That's something I need to do, too. I started using categories and never adopted the other, but I'm thinking the other might be better. I have...thousands of posts to tag. Not going to happen quickly if I do it, that's for sure, but it will never be any easier than it is now.

    1. Good luck on tagging...thousands?!?!?!....of posts. That sounds beyond monumental...I would happily help, if I could!


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