Thursday, February 6, 2014

~~Not Your Girl~~

I don't think you realize

Just what's wrong with me.

I don't think you've figured out

That I'm not yours to control.

I won't be the girl to play your games.

I won't be the girl to hide.

I won't be the girl you want

Me to be—

So let's just play tonight.

Who needs love, when you've got

A smile like you do?

I don't need love—

I've got you.

You should save yourself--

As I'm in the hands of someone else.

I'm not going to be yours--

So smile and let me go.

I'll be your girl for just one night,

And my apologies won't make it right--

But that doesn't mean you'll leave me!

You're stuck with me, baby.

I'll be your girl if it makes you better.

I'll be your girl if it makes you hurt.

I'll be your girl if it make you hate me--

So smile, baby.

I'm not your girl, in the right way--

No reason to love me.

No reason to turn to me.

I'm just your girl

On the darkest nights.

I'll give you comfort

If you lie--

I'll make you dream

If you cry.

I'll be your girl if it

Means nothing--

As long as you remember

It's all a lie.

I'm not your girl....

I'm not your girl!

Why can't I be

Your girl?

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