Monday, April 28, 2014

~~This Blog has been Discontinued--Announcement and Goodbye Post~~

Due to the seemingly endless influx of spam, this blog will be closed. I have tried multiple times to cease this spam. If anyone has any following ideas, please do reach me at or leave a comment below.

Please disregard all following posts.

Except for the one that tells you the URL of my newest blog.

I'm so very sorry...

Have a final poem from me.

We had a good time.
I'm finding it hard to rhyme,
With these tears in my eyes.
They made my promises lies.

I said I would never go,
That you would always know
My every thought and sigh.
But now that time has come to die.

We had a good time, and I'll miss you.
When I had no one else, I had relied on you.
I took strength in your reading,
While you listened to my screaming.

You kept me so very safe,
And I never thought the bonds would chafe.
Now I've been released,
And I hate being freed.

I wish I could return
To a time I had come to learn
Was the best time of my life.....
It had saved my life.

Never forget me, or let me go.
Don't stop loving the girl you'd come to know.
Follow me wherever I may lead;
Listen to me forever, I plead!

Don't let this be goodbye.
Don't make your silent words a lie.
Follow me as I try to rhyme,
There is always going to be time.

This is the time to say goodbye.
I promise I won't fly
Away from you for long.
You'll never escape my song.

I love you all, in truth.
The path for me will never smooth,
But I don't mind--
I'll never leave you all behind.

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