Tuesday, February 11, 2014

~~Maybe the Happy?~~

Maybe I can try
For just one last dance.
Maybe I can fake
It for the last time.
Maybe I can make
It out of this hell.
Maybe I can take
Your hand in mine.

Maybe the happy?
I'm done with the sad.
Maybe the laughter?
I'm done with the tears.
Maybe the wandering?
I'm done with here.
Maybe the love?
I'm done with being alone.

I didn't want for things
To end up this way.
So I'm ignoring the past,
And living for today.
Maybe I'll find
What I left behind
As I run down this road
Into your arms.

Maybe the happiness
Will follow me there?
Or, maybe it won't--
I can never be sure.
But I'm willing to try,
If you're willing to fight--
Just take my hand,
And we'll run tonight.

Burn the world with me.
Make it blaze like the sun.
Light up the shadows,
So we know the battle's won.
Maybe the happy
Will find us in the sparks?
Or, maybe, it will find us
As we dance in the ashes.

Maybe we'll make it.
And maybe we won't.
But, either way--
I'm glad we met.
Maybe means nothing,
When one thing is certain
In an uncertain world:
I will always be happy for you.

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