Tuesday, February 11, 2014

~~Multiple Personalities from A to Z--Life Post~~

Half-Mad Writer here.

~By the way, I have declared that as my brand-new online name.~

So, I recently took a test on whether or not I have Dissociative Identity Disorder. And, well, I scored 80, 84, and 87.

According to the test, if you score THIRTY OR HIGHER, you have a higher association with DID.

Scoring largely more than fifty points over...shouldn't surprise me....

Does it surprise anyone else? So, I guess we finally know what's going on. It is a lot different from Figments--I really am insane....

Multiple personalities.


Other me's.

Other minds, one person....


How crazy am I?


Well, at least I'm not alone. A friend took the test, and scored 65. Another friend is Figmented--hi, Justin!--and he's awesome. He has: Falfru, James, Jay, Eric, Caine, All, Alrick, and Jonathon. (Needless to say, texts conversations with him are very interesting.)

He's a sweetheart....He really is. They're very off people, but they amuse me greatly--which is all that really matters.

I have been...losing myself ever so slightly. Losing time, memories, sleep. I can't control myself anymore. I'm getting scared....I shouldn't be slipping. I should be so much stronger. So much better. But I guess I'm not, and I can't even say what's wrong. At first glance, everything should be fine! And why aren't they?

I have an amazing lover.

Shawn's trying to visit.

I have amazing friends.

My classes are going fine.


So why am I slipping?

Why am I losing time?

I don't know....I'm worrying about it...

To keep my worries at bay, I've taken up an impressive challenge--the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. So I'm getting ready to write 26 posts, in the order of the alphabet, based on a topic starting in the letter of the alphabet. So, it's going to be a tiny bit difficult.

And no.


I will be writing about X....nevermind.

You will find out....


I think my life's going to go okay, actually...

I have amazing friends.

Incredible people.

Wonderful dreams...

And I'm going to be just fine...

I've just lost my mind.

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