Friday, February 7, 2014


Little girl, little girl--
Why are you singing?
Little girl, broken girl--
Why are you smiling?

You always seem so happy,
But when nobody's looking--
Why does your face change?
What are you hiding in your eyes?

Little girl, hidden girl--
Why are you crying?
Little girl, creative girl--
Why are you writing?

Disappear and dissipate;
Fade away into a curse:
You aren't me.
So stop pretending to be.

Sad girl, sad girl:
What's going on with you?
Filled with sorrow, and filled with shame:
Why is your life changing?

Crazy girl, unknown soul:
Don't turn away from me.
Angry girl, heartless soul--
Drown yourself in poetry.

Please, let me love you.
Doolally, doolally....
Don't run away from me.
You can't survive alone.

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